Fecha de Llegada

Megaliti dell’Argimusco e Borgo Medievale di Montalbano Elicona (on request)

8:30 am - Departure from Taormina ( Luxury Residence)

10:00 h. - Arrival to the Argimusco megalithic area, visit and stay. Agrimusco is a rare example of archaeoastronomical sites in Sicily. The plateau of the Argimusco area is one of the less known and yet most fascinating of the Sicilian island. It shows huge blocks of limestone, the megaliths, with strange anthropomorphic and zoomorphic forms, and especially: the eagle, the serpent, the profile of a moai, the praying (praying Madonna), also known as the goddess of the Neolithic, the tetrahedron, the lunar-solar observatory and the sanctuary. Probably populated since 6000 BC, the legend says that the Argimusco area was inhabited by the Giants, the first inhabitants of Sicily after the last glaciation (Wurm glacation), which may have shaped the stones that nature had offered them. The plateau with its large stones became a place of worship, propitiation and stars observation.

13:15 h - Departure to Montalbano Elicona (arrival is expected after about 15 minutes), lunch and visit of the village. This charming Nebrodi village is part of the " most beautiful villages in Italy" . Other Sicilian villages part of these are: Cefalù, Brolo, Castelmola, Sperlinga, Novara di Sicilia, Geraci Siculus, Savoca and San Marco d'Alunzio. The most significant element of historical and architectural importance in Montalbano Elicona is the Castello di Federico III, which thrones over the irregular and tortuous medieval urban street configuration that winds up and down the alleys and adapts to the shape of the rocky promontory. The small houses built of sandstone are filled with authentic history. Built on pre-existing Byzantine and Arabic elements, the castle is composed of a Norman-Swabian fortress at its upper part, and of a Swabian-Aragonese fortified palatium at its lower part.

The closer place of cult to the castle is Santa Caterina Church, whose facade shows a beautiful Romanesque portal. Built around 1300, this church hosts a fine marble statue of the saint placed on a pedestal with bas-relief by Gagini's school. The mother church, built in the Middle Ages was re-edified and enlarged in 1654, when two aisles were added and the bell tower erected. The church houses a sculpture of St. Nicholas and a lovely canopy, both in marble and attributed to Gagini's school, a fifteenth century wooden crucifix, a last supper attributed to Guido Reni school and several precious ornaments. The Portello viewpoint overlooks the tops of Nebrodi mountains, Milazzo and the Aeolian islands.

17:30 pm - Return to Taormina, expected arrival at 19.00

Lunch will be held at the beautiful Osteria Al Sakali, where you will taste Sicilian typical products.

The dress code is as follows:

  • hiking boots or tennis shoes (just to be comfortable);
  • dress in layers, that is a shirt, then a fleece vest and a possible jacket;
  • keyway, in case of wind or rain;
  • sun/wind hat

The excursion to Argimusco Megaliths and the village of Montalbano Elicona is organised in collaboration with archeoastronomia.com and will be attended by official tour guides.